Public Schools VS Private Schools: A Primer

You happen to live in a rural location in the country, chances are you won’t have much choice when it comes to the education of your children.

Most of the time there will be one school within reasonable distance. What do you do if this school would not be suitable for your children for a variety of reasons?

Most people in a rural area might simply settle for the compromise and send off their children to the school closest without considering that doing so might have negative consequences. And when it comes to your children’s education, such a decision is certainly not always advisable.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to consider whether a private school would be the better option.

In the United Kingdom there are fortunately many good private schools from which you can choose from today. Almost all of them can provide your children with better education than most of the public schools in the UK. In addition to the benefits of smaller classes and the normally much more motivated and dedicated teachers, many private schools can also offer additional advantages that range from better supervision of your children even outside the classroom to better offers when it comes to sports.

Maybe you are a busy parent and you feel that you cannot take care of your children as you would like to due to your work schedule? Here too a private school can be a solution for you and your children sinceĀ  a private school will ensure the best education and supervision you can get today.

From my very own experience and that of my family I want to recommend the Kingshottschool to you. This is a great Hertfordshire private school that you should consider. In addition to that I can also suggest to you that you look over this list of UK private schools at Wikipedia It can be a good startĀ  if you want to find a suitable school for your children.



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