How to Win new Customers by Maintaining your Business Blog

Website Support LaptopThe key part of any business, whether or not it’s based solely online is going to be its website or blog. Not only can it serve as a virtual store front but as a portal for potential customers to learn more about your brand as well.

Whatever kind of business it may be a blog can be an exciting and powerful way of drawing in new customers, but only if it’s maintained on a regular basis.

A good blog can also help a website rise up Google’s search engine rankings and beat the competition. Blog maintenance is an important part of website maintenance, and especially important if its the main online presence of a brand or business.

Good website maintenance really boils down to two things – regular content updates and SEO. Regular content updates serve a number of functions. Firstly it keeps a business looking fresh and active, and if the content is of good enough quality can encourage visitors to return and tell their friends about a site. The other side is more technical. Google likes websites and blogs that are updated regularly as this attracts Google’s bots which scan the web for new content and increases the size of the site which keeps those bots bouncing around when they get there.

SEO is a bit more technical but no more difficult than regularly posting content. It often means just tweaking the content of the site to make it more search engine friendly, researching the best keywords for your site and keep up to date with the latest SEO techniques. It’s a field that’s changing all the time and can be hard to keep up with but with a little bit of effort is a powerful way to drive business through your blog.

These are the two main ways how regular maintenance can help your business blog and while they don’t have to take a lot of time they will lead to positive results.

I realise that for many people, you know that maintaining your wordpress website is crucial but perhaps don’t have the time or intuition to do it yourself. There are some fantastic companies out that can help you out (but watch out for the cowboys!).

Good luck – and please let me know if you have any questions or need any advice!

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