Golf Holidays – The “Cheap” Compared to the Good

It’s more than 20 years now that I consider myself an avid golfer. As so many of my fellows I enjoying my regular golf break  abroad. My favourite locations to go golfing so far have been Italy and France. Let me state a few opinions of mine in regards to deciding on a great golf break location and the costs that may be involved.

On your golf break you want a nice hotel like this

On your Golf Break you Want a Nice Hotel Like This

If you look around online today it may well be that you come across many discount travel package providers. Most of them will offer run-of-the-mill golf break  vacation packages. They “cheap” ones among them do not really care about golfers.

You may get a sub standard hotel and if you’re not lucky it may well be the case that the course to play on will be a half-an-hour drive away hotel. Hardly would I would call a great golf break. To be honest, some of those vacation packages are not worth a fraction of the already very low bargain price.

If you are like me you do not go on golf break can often, maybe once twice a year. You are likely looking forward to this time and want it be as good as it can even get. Whether you will spend some more money on it won’t really matter as long as the price is still reasonable-

For me, the best type of golf break our tailor made an entirely customized golf holidays. I like them since with those travels I can let the travel provider know exactly what I want, such as the type of hotel at like in that I would definitely prefer the golf course in walking distance to my hotel. There are other things which are very important to me when I go on golf holidays such as that I know that great restaurants, bars ans spas are close-by. With any of the standard run-of-the-mill packages you won’t ever know what you will be getting when you book them.

What it comes down to is that you do not want to save  a 100 bucks or so and then get a rather disappointing vacation package in return. Choose a reliable golf holidays provider and have them provide you with you a tailor-made vacation package for a truly unforgettable golf break. You won’t regret it, take my word.

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