Don’t Overlook The Important Things!

Fire ExtinguishersWell I must say, I had rather a close shave this week!

After several months of work I have recently completed an office space for myself on the side of my house in the west-country.

I have been very excited, as for me, I can stay “at home” but still have a separation between work and play, which I think is extremely important.

It’s also a nice little space that I can retreat to and have some time to myself, away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

So, on Friday I was enjoying an “end of the week” cigar at my desk whilst finishing some paperwork, and, let’s say missed the ash try quite badly! Within milliseconds stacks of paperwork on my desk were ablaze!  It all happened so fast, I was in quite a fluster. I needed to get the fire out fast, and LUCKILY had a jug of water nearby which I used to extinguish the rapidly growing flames.

As you can imagine, the Mrs was not amused!

You see, in the midst of being so excited about my new office, I had missed some of the finer, and important details. Things to do with actual, safety!

So, after this little scare, I knew I needed to get a couple of fire extinguishers for the new office space. Luckily I found a company nearby who supplied fire extinguishers exeter and all over the west-country (if you are in the west-country:

I have also now been banned from smoking indoors (obviously!).

I think it’s time to buy a garden pagoda.

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