Did You Ever Consider E-Invoicing?

If you ask me, the most tedious tasks in business are those where you need to process lots of paperwork. Invoicing in particular is one of those tasks that is anything but fun to do. It is a process that is very time-consuming. Time that you could otherwise spend for more constructive things.

e-invoice-benefitsIn addition to the tediousness of invoicing, it is also one of those types of work that is very prone to mistakes. Why? Because you need to manually type in and transfer data from paper invoices. There is a big chance for typos any time you do that. One simple mistake, one wrong comma would be enough as to cause major problems with your accounting.

With  electronic invoicing (E-invoicing) you can say goodbye to all those above inconveniences. I heard about E invoicing approximately six months ago. At first, I did not know what E-Invoicing is and how it would benefit the business. However, let me tell you it only took a couple of days until I realised its potential.

What I like about e-invoicing is that it’s pretty easy. It’s not much different to the normal invoicing process. In fact, I think it’s a lot easier and a lot more straightforward.

What you do, you send your invoices online to your recipient by using a what’s called electronic invoice service provider. It’s pretty much comparable to email. One of the biggest advantages of electronic invoicing is of course that you can send and receive your invoices instantly.

If both parties such as yourself and your supplier make use of electronic invoicing, there is also no paperwork involved any longer. This can greatly help with reducing any potential mistakes. All your invoicing is easily accessible from one place, it is another plus it comes to organising your business’ accounting.

If you are the owner of a business, I recommend that you look into electronic invoicing. It can really help you to save your business a lot of time and some money! You will see that it is pretty easy to make the switch!



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