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Did You Ever Consider E-Invoicing?

If you ask me, the most tedious tasks in business are those where you need to process lots of paperwork. Invoicing in particular is one of those tasks that is anything but fun to do. It is a process that … Continue reading

How to Win new Customers by Maintaining your Business Blog

The key part of any business, whether or not it’s based solely online is going to be its website or blog. Not only can it serve as a virtual store front but as a portal for potential customers to learn … Continue reading

The Singing Waiters London

If you ever happen to go to London and someone invites you to a big party or wedding reception, chances are good that you would see the Singing Waiters. Because The Singing Waiters London are the most popular surprise entertainers … Continue reading

Golf Holidays – The “Cheap” Compared to the Good

It’s more than 20 years now that I consider myself an avid golfer. As so many of my fellows I enjoying my regular golf breakĀ  abroad. My favourite locations to go golfing so far have been Italy and France. Let … Continue reading

Public Schools VS Private Schools: A Primer

You happen to live in a rural location in the country, chances are you won’t have much choice when it comes to the education of your children. Most of the time there will be one school within reasonable distance. What … Continue reading

Don’t Overlook The Important Things!

Well I must say, I hadĀ rather a close shave this week! After several months of work I have recently completed an office space for myself on the side of my house in the west-country. I have been very excited, as … Continue reading

Rural Business Owners

Serious about business but live in a rural area? This is the blog for you! We aim to be the “go-to” resource for anyone who is serious about business, but living in a rural area. After all, just because the … Continue reading