Did You Ever Consider E-Invoicing?

If you ask me, the most tedious tasks in business are those where you need to process lots of paperwork. Invoicing in particular is one of those tasks that is anything but fun to do. It is a process that is very time-consuming. Time that you could otherwise spend for more constructive things.

e-invoice-benefitsIn addition to the tediousness of invoicing, it is also one of those types of work that is very prone to mistakes. Why? Because you need to manually type in and transfer data from paper invoices. There is a big chance for typos any time you do that. One simple mistake, one wrong comma would be enough as to cause major problems with your accounting.

With  electronic invoicing (E-invoicing) you can say goodbye to all those above inconveniences. I heard about E invoicing approximately six months ago. At first, I did not know what E-Invoicing is and how it would benefit the business. However, let me tell you it only took a couple of days until I realised its potential.

What I like about e-invoicing is that it’s pretty easy. It’s not much different to the normal invoicing process. In fact, I think it’s a lot easier and a lot more straightforward.

What you do, you send your invoices online to your recipient by using a what’s called electronic invoice service provider. It’s pretty much comparable to email. One of the biggest advantages of electronic invoicing is of course that you can send and receive your invoices instantly.

If both parties such as yourself and your supplier make use of electronic invoicing, there is also no paperwork involved any longer. This can greatly help with reducing any potential mistakes. All your invoicing is easily accessible from one place, it is another plus it comes to organising your business’ accounting.

If you are the owner of a business, I recommend that you look into electronic invoicing. It can really help you to save your business a lot of time and some money! You will see that it is pretty easy to make the switch!



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How to Win new Customers by Maintaining your Business Blog

Website Support LaptopThe key part of any business, whether or not it’s based solely online is going to be its website or blog. Not only can it serve as a virtual store front but as a portal for potential customers to learn more about your brand as well.

Whatever kind of business it may be a blog can be an exciting and powerful way of drawing in new customers, but only if it’s maintained on a regular basis.

A good blog can also help a website rise up Google’s search engine rankings and beat the competition. Blog maintenance is an important part of website maintenance, and especially important if its the main online presence of a brand or business.

Good website maintenance really boils down to two things – regular content updates and SEO. Regular content updates serve a number of functions. Firstly it keeps a business looking fresh and active, and if the content is of good enough quality can encourage visitors to return and tell their friends about a site. The other side is more technical. Google likes websites and blogs that are updated regularly as this attracts Google’s bots which scan the web for new content and increases the size of the site which keeps those bots bouncing around when they get there.

SEO is a bit more technical but no more difficult than regularly posting content. It often means just tweaking the content of the site to make it more search engine friendly, researching the best keywords for your site and keep up to date with the latest SEO techniques. It’s a field that’s changing all the time and can be hard to keep up with but with a little bit of effort is a powerful way to drive business through your blog.

These are the two main ways how regular maintenance can help your business blog and while they don’t have to take a lot of time they will lead to positive results.

I realise that for many people, you know that maintaining your wordpress website is crucial but perhaps don’t have the time or intuition to do it yourself. There are some fantastic companies out that can help you out (but watch out for the cowboys!).

Good luck – and please let me know if you have any questions or need any advice!

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The Singing Waiters London

If you ever happen to go to London and someone invites you to a big party or wedding reception, chances are good that you would see the Singing Waiters. Because The Singing Waiters London are the most popular surprise entertainers in the UK today, a lot of folks who are looking for great musical entertainment are often booking them.

singing-waiters-newsWho are The Singing Waiters London?

The Singing Waiters London are what’s also known as surprise entertainers but they are quite different to many of the other musicians and performers out there today.

The biggest difference with The Singing Waiters is the quality of their performance.

Once you know that anyone from The Singing Waiters is coming from a renowned arts or music school you will understand why.

The Singing Waiters can’t just  sing and dance better than a lot of those other guys, thanks to their experience and training, it also means that they have a lot more variety to offer. This makes them great even for those types of events where you simply cant or don’t want to settle with some average performers. Let’s be honest, how often are we getting married or how often do we celebrate our 50th birthday? Those are occasions where most of us want just the best of the best so that such a day will stay an awesome with everyone. So, why would you want to hire a poor or average singer for such an occasion?

If you have seen The Singing Waiters London already like I did you will know that their show is fantastic. I can highly recommend them if you want some of the best musical entertainers from the UK!

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Golf Holidays – The “Cheap” Compared to the Good

It’s more than 20 years now that I consider myself an avid golfer. As so many of my fellows I enjoying my regular golf break  abroad. My favourite locations to go golfing so far have been Italy and France. Let me state a few opinions of mine in regards to deciding on a great golf break location and the costs that may be involved.

On your golf break you want a nice hotel like this

On your Golf Break you Want a Nice Hotel Like This

If you look around online today it may well be that you come across many discount travel package providers. Most of them will offer run-of-the-mill golf break  vacation packages. They “cheap” ones among them do not really care about golfers.

You may get a sub standard hotel and if you’re not lucky it may well be the case that the course to play on will be a half-an-hour drive away hotel. Hardly would I would call a great golf break. To be honest, some of those vacation packages are not worth a fraction of the already very low bargain price.

If you are like me you do not go on golf break can often, maybe once twice a year. You are likely looking forward to this time and want it be as good as it can even get. Whether you will spend some more money on it won’t really matter as long as the price is still reasonable-

For me, the best type of golf break our tailor made an entirely customized golf holidays. I like them since with those travels I can let the travel provider know exactly what I want, such as the type of hotel at like in that I would definitely prefer the golf course in walking distance to my hotel. There are other things which are very important to me when I go on golf holidays such as that I know that great restaurants, bars ans spas are close-by. With any of the standard run-of-the-mill packages you won’t ever know what you will be getting when you book them.

What it comes down to is that you do not want to save  a 100 bucks or so and then get a rather disappointing vacation package in return. Choose a reliable golf holidays provider and have them provide you with you a tailor-made vacation package for a truly unforgettable golf break. You won’t regret it, take my word.

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Public Schools VS Private Schools: A Primer

You happen to live in a rural location in the country, chances are you won’t have much choice when it comes to the education of your children.

Most of the time there will be one school within reasonable distance. What do you do if this school would not be suitable for your children for a variety of reasons?

Most people in a rural area might simply settle for the compromise and send off their children to the school closest without considering that doing so might have negative consequences. And when it comes to your children’s education, such a decision is certainly not always advisable.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to consider whether a private school would be the better option.

In the United Kingdom there are fortunately many good private schools from which you can choose from today. Almost all of them can provide your children with better education than most of the public schools in the UK. In addition to the benefits of smaller classes and the normally much more motivated and dedicated teachers, many private schools can also offer additional advantages that range from better supervision of your children even outside the classroom to better offers when it comes to sports.

Maybe you are a busy parent and you feel that you cannot take care of your children as you would like to due to your work schedule? Here too a private school can be a solution for you and your children since  a private school will ensure the best education and supervision you can get today.

From my very own experience and that of my family I want to recommend the Kingshottschool to you. This is a great Hertfordshire private school that you should consider. In addition to that I can also suggest to you that you look over this list of UK private schools at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_independent_schools_in_the_United_Kingdom. It can be a good start  if you want to find a suitable school for your children.



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Don’t Overlook The Important Things!

Fire ExtinguishersWell I must say, I had rather a close shave this week!

After several months of work I have recently completed an office space for myself on the side of my house in the west-country.

I have been very excited, as for me, I can stay “at home” but still have a separation between work and play, which I think is extremely important.

It’s also a nice little space that I can retreat to and have some time to myself, away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

So, on Friday I was enjoying an “end of the week” cigar at my desk whilst finishing some paperwork, and, let’s say missed the ash try quite badly! Within milliseconds stacks of paperwork on my desk were ablaze!  It all happened so fast, I was in quite a fluster. I needed to get the fire out fast, and LUCKILY had a jug of water nearby which I used to extinguish the rapidly growing flames.

As you can imagine, the Mrs was not amused!

You see, in the midst of being so excited about my new office, I had missed some of the finer, and important details. Things to do with actual, safety!

So, after this little scare, I knew I needed to get a couple of fire extinguishers for the new office space. Luckily I found a company nearby who supplied fire extinguishers exeter and all over the west-country (if you are in the west-country: http://argosfire.co.uk).

I have also now been banned from smoking indoors (obviously!).

I think it’s time to buy a garden pagoda.

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Rural Business Owners

Serious about business but live in a rural area? This is the blog for you!

We aim to be the “go-to” resource for anyone who is serious about business, but living in a rural area.

After all, just because the majority of business goes on in big cities, doesn’t mean that us entrepreneurs should have to live there!

It’s totally possible to enjoy the benefits of countryside living and also run a successful business from the confines of your countryside office!

Sure, it’s not as easy, high-speed broadband can be a pain, you can’t always meet clients, but it’s the 21st century, people! If you are working B2B, people are not so concerned about meeting face to face.

You can have your cake and eat it!

So, here on this blog, I will be talking about my life in the country and how I get along being an entrepreneur who means business!!!

I will be bringing you hints and tips, as well as having the occasional rant!

Please, if you are another “countryside entrepreneur”, get in touch, I would love to hear from you, see what you want to see on this site, and hey, maybe we can even do business together!

Remember, want to be serious about business, but not live in the city? You can have your cake and eat it!

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